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Because the values of domains are constantly changing, it is not practical to put a price on every domain in all the categories on the right. Instead, a few selected domains are listed here every month with a price. Offers are invited for all other domains. Enquiries may be sent here.

FinestLove.com $20,000
Swimmingly.com $95,000
JustHigh.com $25,000
JetArea.com $20,000
AleGuide.com $15,000
UsedName.com $30,000

Domain values are rising, but while a domain is listed above, the first offer at the advertised price will be accepted. Prices are in US$, go here to convert to your currency.

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If you are looking for a domain name for your site, you probably have a few ideas for suitable names. The chances are that many of these are available either for registration or for purchase from a reseller such as myself. Here are a few sites where you can see if your choice is available for registration:

Register Club US$10 per year for dot com's. You need to send a fax to change DNS details.

GANDI 12 Euros + VAT per year. Domain records can be changed on-line.

Domaim There is purchase tax to add to the advertised price. The total cost is 16.05 Canadian$. Domain records can easily be changed on-line.

NameSecure US$35 for 1 or 2 years. The help desk is not very helpful.

EasySpace US$7.50 per year for .co.uk domains. You must pay to change the DNS.

UK2 Ignore the advertised prices, they charge for required "extras". A dozen .co.uk domains will cost £100, more if you want to control your DNS.

If one of your first choices for a domain name was available for registration, you should register it immediately. If not, you must make a choice between registering an alternative domain name (if yourname.com was not available, yourname7.com probably will be) or buying from a reseller.

Most domains that are not being used as web sites are owned by someone who bought them as an investment. The owner of a domain can be found by doing a "whois" look up at a registrar. Because each domain is unique, resellers generally will hold out for a good price. I know that I will be unable to register domains today that are as good as the domains registered just 6 months ago, and it is not important to me whether I sell a particular name this year or next.

If cost is important, you should consider registering yourname7.com. If a good internet address is important, you will probably have to deal with a reseller. I will try to be fair in all negotiations. If I say yes to an offer, I wont change my mind the next day, nor will I do business with people who act like this. Beware though, not all resellers think this way. A few resellers are school kids who think that your-name-77.com is worth a million. If you did offer a million, they'll think it must be worth 2. Whatever your course, I wish you good luck.

AltaVista Find this:   

I get many e-mails from people who want a dot com web site with for just a few pounds. It is very, very easy. Please, rather than waste an e-mail offering £10 for one of my domains, read on:

1. Buy a domain. You can register a new domain at the above sites, or buy a domain from a reseller, such as myself. There is a BIG difference in price, so try the registrars listed first!

2. Choose a host. This site is hosted for free by Bizland who put a banner on each page. Another free host, with banners, is Freeservers. Many more hosts can be found here. Domains.com will host a small site for free with no banners. DotEasy - click on the banner below - may charge a one time fee of $35, or may charge nothing if you refer other people. (They host Sertch.com for me). They also do not put any of their banners onto your site.

$0 Web Hosting

3. Find out your host's DNS details (DNS actually stands for domain name server if you wanted to know). These can usually be found in the FAQ (frequently asked questions) section of your host's site. (E.g. Bizland's DNS details are: Primary DNS = clickme.click2site.com or and Secondary DNS = clickme2.click2site.com or Change your domain's DNS records to these. The process for doing this depends on the registrar. Some registrars will let you set the DNS records when you register.

4. Sign up with your chosen host and tell them your domain name.

5. Make your site (you can probably do this on your word processing program if you "save as HTML file") and upload it to your host (photos must usually be uploaded independently as GIF or JPEG files). A good host will give clear uploading instructions in their FAQ section. After uploading, you should check that the site works ok with both Netscape and MS browsers.

6. Errr, well that's it. You are now a member of the "dot com community". There are numerous sites that will teach you how to refine your site (searching in Sertch Boxes for "meta tags" or "html help" will find many of these). Good Luck!

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